Our Services

  • System Audits & Site Assessments


    Understanding your systems and how they operate within your venue or business is a important part of ensuring your systems are working for you. We take the time to run through each of your systems, we speak to your key staff and understand the concerns they face on a day to day basis. From there, we strip your systems back to bare bones to understand how they work within your venue or business, then develop a plan to utilise your existing systems or modernise with new technology that benefits your venue or business.

  • Consultancy and Design


    The key to any good system design is understanding how it needs to work within the environment it will operate in every day. Once we have taken the time to understand your venue or business and the environment, we then work on a system brief and design a solution for your application. We have access to hundreds of products and are firm believers that one product does not fit every application, rather the application determines the product.

    Taking the time to design a system that expressly suits your requirements takes time and experience. Our team carries 15+ years of design and installation experience in a vast variety of venues. Along with our past experience in the corporate and hospitality sectors we have a great understanding of how our systems work within your venue or business.

  • Preventitive Maintenance

    Preventative Maintenance is often seen as an unnecessary expense or a money grab by businesses. The modern systems that are installed in your venues or business are state of the art computer based hardware that requires constant attention and care to ensure they are optimised and work efficiently for your business. The last thing you want is to invest in a technology only to find that because it was not looked after it needs to be replaced before it is due to be.
    Our preventative maintenance covers the following:
    • Cleaning of all equipment including dust removal from rack equipment and fans
    • Firmware updates where required
    • Daylight Saving time changes
    • Ensure all systems are fully functional
    • Full system report

  • Installation & Commissioning


    I’ll just get the sparkie or the maintenance bloke to do it! 

    We have heard this more times than we’ve had cups of tea. Nine times out of ten, later that week we’ll get a call asking us to come back and sort out an issue that the sparkie or maintenance bloke does not know how to fix, ultimately costing the client more than what it would have cost for us to install it correctly in the first place.

    Every one of our technicians is trained and certified in the work they conduct. Through a good understanding of your venue along with a solid design process we guarantee that our installations will work and will be delivered on time and on budget.