Our Products

  • Audio Visual & System Control

    Most audio visual systems are often complex, involving many components. People can get intimidated or are unsure of how to operate the systems, ultimately meaning that your investment in those systems is not giving you a return. Control systems sit over the top of your audio visual systems making it easy to control various rooms or entire venues from the touch of a button. Gone are the days of winding dials, flicking switches or plugging in cables.

    Control systems offer significant return and benefit when deployed correctly, offering you and your staff the ability to set up your boardroom/conference space quickly and efficiently. Alternatively if you have a club environment you can turn all your TVs on in your venue with a push of a button and select the channels for each.

  • MATV/Antenna Systems


    MATV/Antenna systems are often neglected in most venues, over time people have added TVs and split cables, ultimately degrading the signal through out the venue. With the introduction of Digital TV and distribution it is imperative that you get your system right.

    With analogue being phased out by TV Manufactures ultimately you will have to get all your services converted to digital. This is possible through digital modulation, allowing each service to have its own local frequency with in your venue.

  • Audio Systems


    Audio Systems are critical in the modern day venue. These days a $5 speaker and a basic mixer amplifier will not cut it in most environments. People also want additional control, and they want to limit the ability of people fiddling with the audio system.

    Through a digital audio upgrade you can control your venue from a PC/iPad. The rack can remain closed and locked, no more running back of house to turn up volumes or select sources. You can walk around your venue adjusting whatever you please from the palm of your hand.

  • CCTV Security

    The modern world is changing, CCTV is a critical part to life today especially in a commercial environment. IP CCTV offers a level of clarity not seen in analogue systems, our systems use cameras from 1-12 megapixel which have been deployed in a number of venues across NSW.

    We also offer a full service for your existing analogue systems

  • Projector's & Televisions

    Hisense TV

    From cricket to football and everything in between people come to your venue to enjoy the atmosphere and watch the screens. From small screens for TAB through to large projector screens we offer solutions for them all.